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Bay Area Hang Gliding Students Learning to Fly

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Welcome to Bay Area Hang Gliding

If you're looking for hang gliding lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area, you've come to the right place. Our Instructors will help you get into the air quickly and safely. Come join us and experience the joy of foot launched free flight.

Eric Hinrichs
USHPA Advanced Instructor, Tandem Instructor


We appreciate the wonderful patronage our students have lent us over the years and look forward to continue working with them as they progress through the sport. Due to this increasing popularity Bay Area Hang Gliding (BAHG) finds itself overwhelmed with people wanting to learn to fly. While having too many students is a good problem, it's one that requires us to make changes so that we can continue providing the finest hang gliding instruction available.

Starting in 2015 BAHG will be moving to a semester format for all new and continuing students. No other school in the Bay Area uses this unique approach as it limits the number of students a school can train during a given period of time. Our goal has always been quality over quantity and moving to this new format will help us to maintain that standard. We will be able to intensify the pilot training period and provide the absolute best learning experience for our students. Please visit our lesson page for information on upcoming semesters

We will also no longer offer Tandem Instruction gift certificates to the general public. We will, of course, honor any certificates already purchased. This will allow our Tandem Instructors to spend even more time with our continuing students than before.

If you've had flying dreams, know you want to fly like a bird, and REALLY want to learn to hang glide, then this is the program that was created for you!

We sell most brands of hang gliders and hang gliding equipment.

Please check our lesson page for information and prices to fly free as a bird. We offer group, military, and student discounts, please email us at bayareahg@yahoo.com for details